SSC CGL Sub Inspector in NIA: Salary, Job Profile & Career

SSC CGL Sub Inspector in NIA: Salary, Job Profile & Career

NIA stands for National Investigation Agency and runs as a central Counter Terrorism Law Enforcement Agency in the country.

NIA was formed in 2008 after the Mumbai attacks on counter-terrorism.

The gateway to this post is through SSC CGL. The exam offers Sub Inspector (SI) posts in one of the premier law enforcement body National Investigation Agency (NIA). The sub-Inspector in NIA is responsible for official works in the initial days and then has to accompany their seniors in field raids.

The job is challenging and ominous as it involves investigations related to terrorism. Let’s find out about SSC CGL Sub Inspector NIA Salary, Job Profile & Career.

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SSC CGL Sub Inspector NIA Job Profile

SSC CGL Post & Salary

SSC CGL Sub Inspector in NIA Promotions

SSC CGL Sub inspector NIA: Eligibility Criteria

FAQs on SSC CGL sub inspector in NIA

SSC CGL Sub Inspector NIA Job Profile

The job is challenging and threatening as it involves a terrorism investigation. The job profile of a Sub Inspector in NIA is versatile and unique. As a Sub Inspector in NIA, you work with the law enforcement agency to counter terrorism and serve their country. The job profile includes the following tasks-

  • You must find the wanted criminal and participate in multiple raids with your seniors for the investigation. It makes the job threatening and unsafe.
  • The job profile includes dealing with dangerous groups such as drug dealers, global mafias, goons, and terrorist groups.
  • The execution of subpoenas, the administration of administrative courts, the issuance of arrest warrants for various entities and individuals, the examination of suspects and witnesses, the maintenance of custody, and other duties fall within the scope of SI.
  • The job requires alertness as you have to identify any forthcoming dangers by analyzing the data and applying your critical intelligence.
  • You have to assist your seniors officials whenever necessary.
  • The sub-Inspector works under clerical court, executes the summons and warrants to various individuals and organizations, examines the witnesses and victims related to particular cases, keeps their custody, etc.
  • At special events related to terrorism, NIA personnel is deemed equivalent to the SHO of the local police, which is a big problem.

SSC CGL Posts and Salary

Sub Inspector in NIA is a pay level -6 post, comes under the pay range of 35400 to 112400. With the introduction of the 7th Pay Commission, NIA SI under 4200-grade pay. Based on this, the approx salary after the 7th pay commission is as follows:

  • Pay Scale: ₹ 35400 to 112400
  • Grade Pay: Rs. 4,200/-
  • Initial Pay: Rs. 9,300/-
  • Total Pay: Rs. 13,500/-
  • DA on Total Pay above (around 107%)
  • Transport Allowance (TA)
  • House Rent Allowance (if not provided with quarters)
  • Mobile Bill

SSC CGL Sub Inspector NIA Salary In hand

  • Class X cities= Rs. 43,166
  • Class Y cities= Rs. 39,492
  • Class Z cities= Rs. 37,664


Sub Inspector in NIA is a challenging job and offers many benefits. To get promoted to the position of Inspector at NIA( National Investigation Agency ), you must serve for five-six years as s a Sub-Inspector (SI).

Your hard work, determination, performance, and the department’s open positions are responsible for your promotions. In the course of the candidate’s employment with NIA, three to four promotions are possible.

The number of vacancies available at the senior post is an accountant for the promotion in the NIA.

The promotion list is as follows-

  • Sub Inspector in NIA
  • Inspector in NIA
  • Superintendent

The promotion of SSC CGL Sub Inspector in NIA to Inspector is possible after five years of service. It is similar to the Delhi Police SI promotion stagnation. The higher post gets occupied by IPS officers and candidates with deputations, so it’s in vain to fight for it.

The candidate needs to get two promotions to become a Class I gazetted officer. It isn’t a walk in the park to rise high in the department by entering through SSC. The candidate can expect three to four promotions in their career.

Sub Inspector in National Investigation Agency Work Environment

The headquarters of NIA is in Delhi, but your posting can be in any corner of the country, wherever there is a sign of terrorist activity. National Investigation Agency has five branches in Hyderabad, Guwahati, Kochi, Lucknow, and Mumbai.

The candidate is required to camo and investigate in remote places.

You are required to gather intelligence about the bomb blast sites and investigate the area. You have to work discretely without power or authority.

SSC CGL Sub-Inspector NIA: Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria are almost similar to another post of the SSC CGL exam. The candidate must have an idea of SSC CGL eligibility before applying for the job.

Criteria for SSC CGL Sub-Inspector in NIA are as follows-


  • Citizen of India


  • The subject of Bhutan/Nepal


  • Tibetan refugee (who comes to India before January 1, 1962, to settle permanently in India)

Age – 18-32 years

Educational Qualification-

  • A bachelor’s degree in statistics is one of the subjects from a recognized university.


  • Bachelor’s Degree from any university or with a minimum of 60% marks in Mathematics in class XII.

No. of Attempts – No limit


FAQs on SSC CGL Sub Inspector in NIA

Q1-What is the work of the SSC CGL Sub-inspector in NIA?

A1- The sub-Inspector works under clerical court, executes the summons and warrants to various individuals and organizations, examines the witnesses and victims related to particular cases, keeps their custody, etc.

Q2-Is NIA a permanent job?

A2-INA recruitments are done on a permanent and contractual basis as well.

Q3- What is the Sub Inspector function?

A3- The sub -Inspector is the lowest-ranked police officer responsible for filing charge sheets in court and is the first investigating officer.

. SI has the power to investigate all cases under the jurisdiction of his police station.

Q4- What is the highest post in NIA?

A4- Senior Executive Chief.

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Q5- What is the minimum salary for an SSC CGL Sub-Inspector NIA?

A5- The salary of the SSC CGL sub-inspector varies with the location of your posting. The basic salary is Rs.35,400/ month.


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