SSC CGL Sub Inspector in CBI job profile, salary, promotions

SSC CGL Sub Inspector in CBI job profile, salary, promotions

SSC CGL Sub-Inspector in CBI

CBI, Central Bureau of Investigation, is one of the finest investigating agencies in India. It’s the dream of thousands of people to work here and serve their country. If you are dreaming of the same, then accomplish it through the SSC CGL exam that recruits for Sub-inspector in CBI.

To get selected for a post, you must consider the requirement, position, and perks and then evaluate them for your plans, retirement, family life, etc. Today in this article, we will give you details of SSC CGL Sub Inspector, SSC CGL posts, SSC CGL salary, and promotions.

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SSC CGL – CBI Sub Inspector Job Profile

Sub-Inspector in CBI: Job Responsibilities

Investigation Area Of Sub Inspector CBI

CGL CBI sub inspector salary

SSC CGL SUB inspector in CBI job promotions

SSC CGL – CBI Sub Inspector Job Profile

SSC CGL CBI Sub Inspector is one of the most well-respected, honored, and prestigious jobs. With great powers come bigger responsibilities. The SSC CGL Sub Inspector is one of the strenuous jobs.

A sub-Inspector works in various fields, divided into two groups-

  • Fieldwork
  • Paper or Desk work.

Let’s learn about them in detail.


Fieldwork is a tiresome job, especially in the CBI department. As you know, cases are witnessing a significant increase, so you need to be intelligent and quick to solve them.

The job profile includes running for inquiries and investigations related to the case and catching the criminal as soon as possible. Sometimes a CBI inspector has to plan and run operations to bait the criminal.

Paper or Desk work –

 Paperwork is also a hectic job but an easy one for the CBI department. Paper or desk work is researching, finding shreds of evidence, and organizing them to solve the case.

Sub-Inspector in CBI: Job Responsibilities

  • The work of the SSC CGL Sub inspector includes investigations, gathering information, and operation plans to catch criminals and inquiring people.
  • Another task includes looking after the cases in courts during the trial (initiated on the recommendations of CBI). So frequent visits to courts are a part of your job.
  • The work also includes taking criminals to the courts safely. You shall have a police force for safety.
  • If you have allotted a case to investigate, traveling across India is also a part of the SSC CGL Sub Inspector’s job profile. You shall have complete authority over state police and other involved departments.
  • It’s a stressful job, and your family might suffer.
  • SSC CGL Sub Inspector is a solid job profile.
  • It is a non-uniform job.

Investigation Areas of Sub Inspector CBI

The training of SSC CGL Sub Inspector in CBI is in a way so that they can

  Investigate the following areas:

  • Conventional Crimes like Collecting the Evidence, Intelligence, Collection of Volatile Data, and Seizure of Hard Disk.
  • To investigate Forensic Science, Medicine, mobile systems, and other such things.
  • They (Sub Inspectors) are given special training on driving, swimming, Judo, Shooting, soft skills, computer skills, unarmed combat, human rights, and Gender Sensitization.
  • Getting training for investigating crimes such as bomb blasts, social crimes, smuggling, murder, Kidnapping, terrorism, large-scale smuggling of Narcotics, crimes against women and children, and sensational homicides.
  • Sub Inspector in CBI also investigates economic crimes like bank frauds, import and export exchange violations, human trafficking, financial scams and frauds, antiques, cultural property, and wildlife crimes.
  • The cases of corruption and fraud are also under Sub Inspector in CBI. They also investigate Cybercrime cases such as Level-I and Level-II.

CGL CBI Sub Inspector Salary-

Sub-inspector is an effort-requiring job but comes with many benefits, such as a decent salary. With the 7th pay commission established in India, the SSC CBI Sub Inspector gets an additional payment which is often known as Grade pay. It is around Rs 4000 to Rs 5000 per month, depending on their location, work, post, etc. So the pay scale of the Sun Inspector is approximately Rs 40000 per month, but this is not the final payment as the pay scale differs from location to location, area to area, and sector to sector.

A Sub Inspector IN CBI also enjoys an extra 25% to 30% of basic pay+DA adds a Special Incentive Allowance, known as SIA, of around Rs 11,000.

So the salary an SSC CGL Sub Inspector enjoys is approximately Rs-60000 to 65000 per month (including HRA, SIA, DA, and TA).

Pay Level of Posts                  Pay Level-6
Pay scale           INR 35400 to 112400
Grade Pay                    4200
Basic pay             INR 35400
HRA (depending on the city)X Cities (24%)              8,496
                                                       Y cities (16)               5,664
                                                         Z Cities (8%)                 2,832
    DA (17%)                                                                               6,018
    Travel Allowance       
Gross Salary Range (Approx.)          X Cities53,514
                                                            Y Cities50,682
                                                             Z Cities46,050

SSC CGL Sub Inspector Salary Highlights

  • Grade Pay- 4600(before the Commencement of 7th CPC, the grade was INR 4200)
  • Basic Pay under level 7- INR 44900
  • Allowance (SIA) – INR 11000
  • The in-hand salary of the SSC CGL Sub Inspector is INR 61000 to INR 63000 (including old HRA, SIA, DA, and TA).
  • The Sub Inspector also enjoys CGHS facilities for HRA, TA, DA, and medical.

SSC CGL Sub Inspector in CBI Job Promotions –

The promotion criterion for SSC CGL Sub Inspector in CBI varies. It can either be done by giving departmental exams or by the amount of hard work you put into your job (solving cases, catching criminals, etc.).

 The promotion criteria are as below-

  • First Post – Sub Inspector (SI)
  • First Promotion- Inspector
  • Second Promotion – Deputy Superintendent
  • Third Promotion- Additional Superintendent
  • Fourth Promotion- Superintendent
  • Fifth Promotion- Senior Superintend

SSC CGL Sub Inspector in CBI Job Promotions-Highlights

  • It takes around five years for your first promotion.
  • Promotion to Deputy Superintendent usually takes 12-13 years.
  • For an Additional Superintendent, the third promotion takes around 8-10 years. After this, you will get a promotion every 4-5 years.

Frequently Asked Questions on SSC CGL Sub Inspector in CBI job profile, salary, and promotions.

Q1- How can I become a CBI Sub Inspector?

A1- You can join CBI by giving SSC CGL, Staff Selection Commission Combined Graduate Level Exam. After clearing the Tier 1 and Tier 2 Exam and a physical test, you will get the post of Sub Inspector in CBI.

Q2- What are the Qualifications for an SSC CGL sub-Inspector in CBI?

  • Graduation from a recognized University
  • Bachelor’s Degree in any subject
  • Candidates must have Economics/Statistics/Mathematics as a compulsory or elective subject.

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