SSC CGL CAG Auditor Salary, Job Profile, Pay

SSC CGL CAG Auditor Salary, Job Profile, Pay

SSC CGL  CAG Auditor Salary, Job Profile, Pay Scale, Career

SSC CGL CAG auditor post falls under the jurisdiction of the Indian Audit Accounts Department, headed by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India.

The staff selection Committee conducts the exam to hire recruits for the CAG Auditor post. Before preparing for the CAG Auditor post, it’s crucial to know the perks and benefits offered by it. This article will tell you about the SSC CGL CAG auditor’s salary, Job Profile, Pay Scale, and career.

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SSC CGL CAG Auditor-Salary

SSC CGL Auditor in hand Salary

SSC CGL Auditor (C&AG)-job profile

SSC CGL Auditor(CGA)

SSC CGL Auditor | Career Growth and Opportunities

SSC CGL Auditor -Perks and Additional Benefits

SSC CGL CAG Auditor- Salary

SSC CGL       Details
Post NameAuditor (C&AG, CGDA, CAG)
Pay LevelPay Level- 5 (7th CPC)
Pay ScaleINR. 29,200 to 92,300
Grade PayINR 2,800 (PB-1)
Basic payINR 29,200
HRA (depending on the city) 
X Cities- 27%INR7,884
Y Cities -18%INR 5,256
Z Cities- 9%INR 2,628
Dearness Allowance- DA (38% of basic pay)INR 11,096
Travel Allowance
X Cities INR  3600
Other Places INR 1800
Gross Salary Range (Approx.)
X CitiesINR 51,780
Y CitiesINR 47,352
Z CitiesINR  44,724

SSC CGL Auditor – In Hand Salary

The salary structure of the above-mentioned posts is as follows-

Position Grade PayIn-Hand Monthly Salary (Approx.)
Auditor C&AGINR 2800INR 40,356- INR 47,412
Auditor CGDAINR 2800INR 40,356- INR 47,412
Auditor CGAINR 2800INR 40,356- INR 47,412

SSC CGL Auditor (C&AG) – Job Profile

If you become the SSC CGL Comptroller and Auditor General, you will have to do the following tasks-

  • The SSC CGL CAG auditor does a lot of clerical work, like maintaining official files, papers, and documents and organizing them. It’s your responsibility to safeguard the crucial documents to make them easily accessible.
  • One of the main tasks is auditing the numerous government offices and departments. Remember, you can do this only in the presence of your seniors. Their guidance is crucial for this task.
  • Like every other job, you have to assist your seniors when required.
  • The SSC CAG Auditor is responsible for auditing the accounts of any important figures or authority, as and when asked by the Governor or the President.
  • The SSC CAG Auditor submits all the audit reports about the accounts of the Center government to the President. The President displays them in Parliament.
  • Another task is auditing the transactions of the center and state government for things like remittance business, suspense accounts, advances, deposits, sinking funds, and debts.
  • He must submit all the audit reports of the employees in the state government to the Governor, who then places them in front of the State Legislature.
  • His responsibility includes guiding and navigating the Public Accounts Committee of the Parliament.
  • SSC CGL Auditor certifies and establishes the total procedure of any duty or tax, and his certification is absolute in such matters.

SSC CGL Auditor (CGA)

If you land as an Auditor in the CAG department, then your posting would be in the following places-

  • Sub-divisional offices under different ministries
  • Divisional offices
  • Pay and Account Offices (PAO)

The employee gets the opportunity to work in the internal auditing wing of the CGA. You will be responsible for looking out for the pensions, passing out the bills, preparing the vital documents, clearing GPF cases, and maintaining the accounts of ministries because the SSC CGL CGA auditor is the core accounting body of the government of India.

SSC CGL Auditor | Career Growth & Opportunities

The career path of an SSC CGL Auditor is a remunerative job and brings in frequent promotion opportunities with increased scale and basic pay.

A (C&AG) Auditor can make it up to the highest post – Deputy Accountant General (DAG) in 25-30 years in the department. Let’s check the hierarchy of positions in the SSC CGL Auditor –

  • After serving for thirty-six months, the candidate gets promoted to Senior Auditor with a grade pay of INR 4,200/-.
  • After serving for two years and qualifying in the Subordinate Audit/Account Service (SAS) exam held in the department, candidates get the post of Assistant Audit Officer (AAO)
  • In the next 12-16 years, the employee can become the Audit Officer (AO) with a grade pay of INR 5,400/-
  • Every rank makes an additional allowance fixed by the government.
  • The highest rank of this post is DAG – Deputy Accountant General (DAG). It offers a basic pay of INR 92,300 per month and a grade pay of INR 7,600/-.

Auditor(C and AG), Auditor (CGA), and Auditor (CGDA) are three of the most crucial positions in the Government of India. If you work hard and make it for any of the three, you will be stable financially and have a bright future.

SSC CGL Auditor -Perks and Additional Benefits

  • The SSC CGL Auditor post brings out many benefits along with a decent salary. Let’s check out the details of the perks and benefits of SSC CGL CGA auditor offers. The benefits are as follows-
  • Central Government Health Scheme: This health scheme is a special scheme for government employees. The employees are provided with medical facilities through Wellness Centers/polyclinics under Allopathic, Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Sidha, and Homeopathic systems of medicines. The amount is fixed by the Central Government to the employees recruited as Auditors for Reimbursement in emergency medical treatments undertaken at government or private hospitals.
  • Transport Allowance: It is also known as TA, a fixed amount paid to the employees by the Higher Authorities for travel related to the work.
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA): This is a part of the salary given by the government for the expense of rent of the department of an SSC CGL Auditor has to make for paying the rent of their apartment.
  • Pensions: Pension is one of the best benefits offered to the SSC CGL CGA Auditor. A regular payment is offered by the government monthly after retirement.
  • Central Government Employees Group Insurance Scheme (CGEGIS): It is a scheme by Central Government that provides multiple benefits:
  • Insurance coverage
  • Some pay to increase your resources after retirement.
  • Dearness Allowance: Dearness Allowance is a part of the salary equal to some fixed percentage of the basic salary. It helps curb the effect of inflation.

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