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Difference Between Bank Exam & SSC Exam – Which to choose and why?

In understanding the disparity between Bank examinations and Teaching examinations, it becomes evident that these two assessment processes exhibit notable divergences. The dissimilarities in requirements, examination formats, and eligibility criteria underscore the contrast between the pathways pursued by candidates aspiring to either embark on a banking career or embrace the world of education. Distinguishing between these two academic and professional journeys empowers individuals to chart their course effectively, ascertaining which avenue aligns better with their aptitude, skills, and ambitions.

Which is superior between SSC and Bank? One of the most frequently asked questions that continues coming to the forefront of every candidate’s thought. Do you count among them? We are giving you the details about SSC vs Bank in order to assist you in getting an exact response. The advantages and disadvantages of both tests will be the main focus of our comparison.

Many students are either preparing for government exams or desire to do so. However, picking a specific exam can be confusing. It all relies on your opinions and areas of interest because there is yet to be a definitive response to this topic. In this article, we’ll compare SSC to Bank based on factors like job profile, eligibility, salary, and more. SSC vs Bank: The article also covers the pros and cons. Candidates are urged to read the entire article for clarification. 

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Explain Difference Between Bank exam & SSC exam

One of the most important government job recruiting tests in India is called SSC, or Staff Selection Commission, Combined Graduate Level. The SSC exam is held annually by the Staff Selection Commission in order to fill positions in a number of Central Government Departments, including the Ministry of Railways, the Ministry of External Affairs, the Ministry of Defence, the Income Tax Inspector, the Excise Inspector, the CAG, the Statistical Investigator, the AO, the Central Vigilance Commission, and the Intelligence Bureau. SSC Jobs are only government positions.

The IBPS exam, an integrated written examination for the employment of probationary officers, on the other hand, is used by banks to hire thousands of young people each year. The SBI test, which is held separately and is not part of the IBPS exam, is administered by SBI. So, in order to help you all with the crucial elements of both careers, we’ll compare Bank PO and SSC CGL based on a number of variables, from which you may choose which is the better option: SSC or Bank.

SSC vs. Bank: Which is better?

Because of the excellent job security in certain sectors, students now choose to take government tests. Each year, thousands of candidates apply for the two most popular exams, SSC CGL and Bank PO. However, candidates frequently aren’t sure which one is superior or which exam would lead to a better professional path. You’ve come to the right page if you’re one of those people who frequently wonders if SSC CGL or Bank PO is the better job.

Because both of these employment responsibilities are so crucial to the government sector for a number of reasons, providing direct answers to this question can be difficult. We’ll outline below the differences between SSC CGL and Bank PO on various criteria.

 List out the Key difference between SSC and Bank Exam

To familiarise the applicants with all the information regarding the tests, a comparison of both the SSC CGL and Bank PO job profiles on several criteria is provided below.

  1. SSC vs. Bank: Eligibility

Candidates should keep in mind a variety of requirements when submitting applications for these two exams. The following are the eligibility requirements for Bank PO and SSC CGL: Educational Requirements: Since both profiles often call for a degree from a recognised university in any discipline, the eligibility requirements for SSC CGL & Bank PO are generally the same. The Bank PO test does not require any additional desirable qualifications, but some SSC CGL positions do. Age Requirements: While the required age range for Bank PO is 20 to 30 years, the age requirements for the various job profiles included in the SSC CGL Exam range from 18 to 32 years.

  1. SSC vs. Bank: Selection Process

Different selection procedures have been established by the organising authority for each of these exams. The Bank PO selection process has three steps, compared to the SSC selection procedure’s two. The below details the steps involved in choosing between SSC and Bank PO.


  • Tier 1: Computer-Based Objective Test
  • Tier 2: Computer-Based Objective Test
  • Document Verification


  • Preliminary Exam: Computer-Based Objective Test
  • Mains Exam: Computer-Based Objective and Subjective Test
  • Interview
  1. SSC vs. Bank: Pay Scale

One of the key things candidates take into account when applying for the exam is SSC CGL pay. Posts have been divided into groups by SSC based on cities and grade pay. The five grade pay levels for CGL positions are 4800, 4600, 4200, 2800, and 2400. While the Basic Pay for Bank PO is 36,000 INR.

  1. SSC vs. Bank: Syllabus

For both the SSC CGL and Bank PO exams, the exact same subjects English, General Awareness, Quantitative Aptitude, and Reasoning Ability are used to formulate questions. The two tests’ syllabuses do, however, differ considerably between them in terms of the topics they cover, and the difficulty of the exam is determined by different portions. Comparing the Bank PO exam to the SSC CGL syllabus, the reasoning is a little bit more difficult, however the General Awareness section of the Bank PO test is more concentrated on the banking and insurance portion while the SSC CGL exam is more generalised. Both exams have a nearly identical level of difficulty for the maths and English sections.

What are the Pros and Cons of SSC vs. Bank?

Pros Possibility of promotion, social respect, immense power, and general exposure are all favourableGood Salary, Low Transfer Cycle, Good Promotion Opportunities, and Lower Loan Rates
Consfar-away postings and administrative pressureRural postings, dealing with clients, and a lot of work pressure

Which Should You Prefer Between a Bank PO and an SSC CGL?

The job profile for the SSC CGL includes travel, inspections, surveillance, raids, and other operations, but the job profile for the bank PO includes contact with customers directly. Because of this, candidates who pick the SSC CGL job profile must meet specific physical standards. The Bank PO itself takes time to complete. If a candidate wants a higher compensation package, Bank PO gives an improved benefits package than does SSC CGL, and if the prospective employee wants less work stress, SSC CGL ensures an excellent work-life balance.

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