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UPSC Preparation 2024 – Strategy to Prepare for IAS Prelims, Mains, Interview

After the Prelims exam, you have to prepare for the Mains exam. The result comes out after 40 days , so one has ample of time to prepare for the Mains exam. The main exam consists of 9 papers. The main focus should be on UPSC Answer writing, as writing is essential for the Mains exam. 

To prepare for the Mains exam, one should write a set number of questions daily. Mocks are a mirror, they show you the reflection of your hard work and where you stand in the competition. There are around 20 questions that need to be done in 3 hours. Your tone of the answer will affect your score.

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UPSC preparation Strategy 2024 for IAS interview

The lucky candidates clearing prelims and Mains exam have to appear for Interview. The Interview test comprises 275 marks and tests your communication, personality, and approach to handling the situation. Here are a few UPSC preparation tips for Interviews.

  • One should know about their educational background, place of work, hobbies, why they are willing to join civil services, your introduction, etc.
  • An updated person always steals the show. Besides your book knowledge, they will also test how well you are aware of your environment. They can ask you tUnion Public Service Commission is one the toughest exam in India. Around 10 lakh students appeared in UPSC 2022 exam.UPSC is a dream of many students, and many students can accomplish it, but how to prepare for the UPSC exam?

Well, UPSC preparation is a little different from the other competitive exam. Today we will discuss all the preparation tips and tricks to prepare for UPSC Prelims, Mains, and Interviews. Candidate preparing for UPSC has to catch the right approach for preparation to make a way through the process and become an officer in Group A or B posts in the Central government departments. 

Let’s start with the UPSC preparation strategy for Prelims, Mains, and Interviews.

Preparing For the UPSC exam 

With such a huge syllabus and intensive exam pattern, one has to start the UPSC preparation while pursuing graduation or after graduation. The right approach to prepare for UPSC is to focus on the curriculum while pursuing graduation or during school days. UPSC exam tests everything, meaning that apart from your knowledge, it will also test your approach to handling the situation and your personality.

Step-by-step Guidance for UPSC Preparation Strategy 2023 for Prelims, Mains, and Interview

Best UPSC Preparation Strategy 2024

Understand the Exam

The first thing to start the preparation is understanding the exam pattern, syllabus, and eligibility criteria. You have to clear all three stages -preliminary, Main, and Interview of the exam.

Create a Study Plan

Competitive exam like UPSC requires a proper study plan. Sit and divide your time between each subject. Make realistic goals and aim for weak goals because it’s easy to achieve smaller goals rather than jumping over the bigger ones. Set a deadline for each topic and try to achieve it

Study Material

Choosing the appropriate study material is crucial for your UPSC preparation. Look out for books written by experts and UPSC-specific books only. Also, include newspapers and current affairs.

Concept clarity 

A strong foundation adds value. Clear your concepts and fundamental principles and theories. It will help you solve /answer complex questions.

Current Affairs

The most important thing is reading a newspaper and staying updated with national and international news. Make notes on events/news related to governmental policies, changes in laws, economic issues, international relations, and social issues to make it easy to remember

Mocks and Revision 

It’s crucial to do repeated revisions because the UPSC syllabus is vast, and one tends to forget things. Therefore, you need to revise two-three times the concepts, dates, theories, principles, and other such things

Consistency and Motivation 

Your progress will make you successful. But you have to be consistent and motivated. Keep hustling daily so that your stress and hard work are distributed rather than preparing few months with stress and loads of study hours.

How to Prepare for UPSC Prelims?

The first stage of the exam is the UPSC prelims, and to start its preparation, one needs at least 6-8 months before the exam. More than half of the candidates are out of the race in the Prelim exam. Therefore, you need a well-defined strategy to ace the UPSC prelims exam. The one qualifying prelims exam will be sitting for the Mains exam. Here are some preparation tips for the UPSC prelims exam-

  • Prepare yourself- You need to prepare yourself both physically and mentally because the next 10-11 months will be harsh. You will have to sacrifice many things. Your complete focus should be on your exam.
  • Knowledge about Syllabus and Exam Pattern: Always begin your prepration with complete knowledge of exam pattern and syllabus.
  • Study plan: A Time table/ study plan is crucial for UPSC preparation. Make a timetable with realistic goals and give appropriate time to weaker areas.
  • Make your notes – It’s a fact that your handwritten notes help you prepare better, so prepare your notes.
  • Read Newspapers: Newspaper reading is the best habit to know about current affairs and other important events. The Hindu and Indian Express will add value to your preparation. It will also help you in improving your comprehension skills.
  • NcerTs should be your friends :Take the help of NCERT’s to get the basic knowledge about science, mathematics, Geography, History, and political science.
  • UPSC preparation for Mains Exam-o pin your thoughts on the ongoing /past event. Therefore, you must read the newspaper and be thorough with the events happening across the globe.
  • Look out for mock interviews, as the feedback will improve your verbal and non-verbal aspects.
  • You can find the questions on Google, and you can also find interview videos of many UPSC aspirants. Watch those videos and understand the tone and pattern of their questions.

It was all about UPSC preparation tips and tricks. Follow them and make your dream come true. Remember that your physical and mental health is crucial. If you will stay healthy, then only you will be able to focus on UPSC preparation.

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