List of Important Days in Feb 2023

List of Important Days in Feb 2023

The beginning of the New Year is a chance for new opportunities and challenges. February is a month of love and many other crucial days. It has only 28 days, and the leap year counts for 29 days. What is unique about February? What are the important days in Feb 2023? Let’s find out!

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Important Days in Feb 2023

Every month is exceptional and holds significance in our lives.

The year 2023 is not a leap year so we’ll see only 28 days in February. Important days in February or any other month are a way to create awareness among citizens. Each day has a vital theme or mission to make citizens aware and educated. It makes us aware of the pride and sacrifices of the legends for the nation.

List of Important Days in Feb 2023

Like any other month, February also has days of utmost importance on national and international platforms.

Given below is the list of Important Days in February Month 2023.



1st FebIndian Coast Guard Day
1st – 16th FebSurajkund Crafts Mela
2nd FebruaryWorld Wetlands Day
2nd FebruaryRA Awareness Day
4th February  World Cancer Day
            5 to 13 FebKala Ghoda Festival
6th Feb            International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation
6th  to 12th Feb            International Development Week
8th Feb            Safer Internet Day
10th Feb            National Deworming Day
10th Feb            World Pulses Day
11th FebWorld Day of the Sick
11th FebInternational Day of Women and Girls in Science
12th FebDarwin Day
12th FebNational Productivity Day
12Th FebAbraham Lincoln’s Birthday
13th FebWorld Radio Day
13th FebSarojini Naidu’s Birth Anniversary
14th FebSaint Valentine’s Day
14th FebInternational Epilepsy Day
18th to 27th FebTaj Mahotsav
20th FebWorld Day of Social Justice
21st FebInternational Mother Language Day
22nd FebWorld Thinking Day
22nd FebWorld Scout Day
24th FebCentral Excise Day
27th FebWorld NGO Day
28th FebNational Science Day
28th FebRare Disease Day

February Days – Valentine’s Week

February is a month of love and affection celebrated by young couples, teenage lovers, and so on. The most celebrated day in February is Valentine’s day ( 14th February).

How many of you know that there is a valentine’s week? Yes! , there are many special days before Valentine’s Day celebrated by couples to cherish their bond.

Well, all the lovers, read this carefully and impress your beloved once by celebrating each day of valentine’s week.

7th FebRose Day
8th FebPropose Day
9th FebChocolate Day
10th FebTeddy Day
11th FebPromise Day
12th FebHug Day
13th FebKiss Day
14th FebValentine’s Day

Details of List of Important Days in February 2023

Here are the details of important days in Feb 2023.

1 Feb – Indian Coast Guard Day

Indian Coast Guard was established on 1st February 1977. It works under the Ministry of Defense and operates Coastal operations to save the nation by its coastline.

People celebrate this day to honor the service of the Indian Coast Guard.

2 Feb – World Wetlands Day

To save our environment and create global awareness about the vital role of wetlands for the planet, we celebrate World Wetlands Day on 2nd February. The first time World Wetland day was celebrated was in the year 1977.

4 Feb – World Cancer Day

4th Feb is World Cancer Day to create awareness about treatment, prevention, and causes of cancer. The Union of International Cancer Control (UICC) initiated this step to support the goals of the World Cancer Declaration, 2008. The celebration is done to reduce illness and reduce the death ratio from the dangerous diseases Cancer.

5 to 13 Feb – Kala Ghoda Festival

Kala Ghoda is a festival celebrated in the Kala Ghoda area of South Mumbai. The nine-day festival starts on the first Saturday of February and ends on the second Sunday. The festival is celebrated to develop the art and crafts of the country and arrange dances, stalls, and events with eco-friendly and hand-made things.

6 Feb– International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation

Females have been harassed physically and mentally for ages. Female Genital Mutilation is a disgusting tradition that removes the partial removal of female external female genitalia for non-medicated reasons. To stop such practices and make people aware of such things, 6th Feb is celebrated as the International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation. It is celebrated nationwide to ensure women’s physical safety and reduce the chances of damage

8 Feb – Safer Internet Day

8th February is celebrated as Safer Internet Day to make the usage of the internet safe and easy for children and adults.

13 Feb – Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday

13the February is the day when a legend named Abraham Lincoln was born. He was a successful lawyer and president of the United States (1861-1865).

10 Feb – National Deworming Day

10th February is celebrated as National Deworming Day. The celebration is an initiation to make every child worm free in the country.

10 Feb – World Pulses Day

10th February is also celebrated as World Pulses Day to make people aware of nutrition.

13 Feb- Sarojini Naidu Birth Anniversary

13th February 1879 is the day when Sarojini Naidu was born. She was an Indian political activist, poet, and proponent of civil rights, women’s emancipation, and anti-imperialistic ideas. She has also played a vital role in India’s struggle for Independence from colonial rule.

14 Feb – Saint Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine’s Day is celebrated globally on February 14. The day was celebrated as Christian Feast honoring a martyr named Valentine. Later, it became a day of showing love and affection to your beloved once.

18 to 27 Feb– Taj Mahotsav

A famous national-level festival Known as Taj Mahotsav is celebrated from 18-27 Feb in Agra, UP. This festival entreats the memories of the Old Mughal period and Nawabi-style swinging in Uttar Pradesh in the 18th and 19th centuries.

28 Feb – National Science Day

28th February is observed as National Science Day. The purpose of celebrating the day is to mark the discovery of the Raman Effect by Indian physicist, Sir C V Raman on 28th February 1928. National Science Day is a way to create awareness about science and its discoveries among people.

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