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The Journey from Construction Site to Excise Inspector | Abhishek Kumar

Success is not Final;

Failure is not Fatal;

It is the courage to continue;

That count. 

We all have heard inspiring stories from our friends, relatives, parents, and teachers and get motivated to do something extraordinary. Success is not a one-day thing. People work hard for years and sacrifice everything to accomplish their dreams. People always say’ ”Oh he is so lucky to get selected.”; ”It’s the luck that made her a star, but no one talks about the selfless act of not giving up and making up your mind to wake up daily and work better than yesterday.

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Today we will tell you one such story that will make you emotional, motivated, and determined. The story of Abhishek Kumar ( Excise inspector), who worked as a laborer but planned to change it forever.

It’s a journey of a boy who made it from a construction site to an Excise Inspector. 

Abhishek Kumar (Excise Inspector) is a boy from a poor family in Amroha, Uttar Pradesh. He has one younger brother and one elder sister. His father was a farmer and labor, and his mother was a housewife.

We all know the importance of a father in our life; he is the backbone of a family, but what if he isn’t there anymore?

In 2018, when Abhishek was in class 12th, his father died due to diabetes, which left him shattered and emotionally drained. What’s worst than this? Family Responsibilities. When you are the one to support your mother, sister, and younger brother with no income and savings, you become blank, and your brain stops working. But Abhishek didn’t lose hope and was optimistic about his life and dreams.

”Accept the terrible responsibility of life with eyes wide open.”

As he was the one to look after the family, he started working on a construction site to earn his daily bread and fulfill his family’s needs. But the burden of responsibilities was not heavier than his courage and determination. He never left hope of becoming better in the future and improving his family’s condition. 

Abhishek is a boy who believes in less complaining and doing hard work, and that’s what opened his path to success. People often complain about their life. They always have something tossing around and are never satisfied with it. But if we look carefully, there are people with genuine problems, which are so hard to accept that we might not even have to think about them as a problem.

How many of us do not have an electricity connection? Maybe few . Abhishek used to charge his electric lamp from his neighbor and study at night as he did not have an electricity connection. Doesn’t it seem like the problems are never-ending? He is a teenager who has to work, study, support his family, and fulfill his dream. At an age when most of us are enjoying ourselves with friends and making memories, Abhishek was hustling day and night.

He used to study online through Careerwill at night and work on construction sites during the day. After such hard work and courage, he 

finally succeeded and became an Excise Inspector. His struggle finally gave him something worthy. He not only fulfilled his dream, but also made his family, friends, and Career will proud of himself.

So tell me, friends? Was Abhisek ‘s struggle worth his success? Would he be in better condition just because he struggled and never lost hope? 

We all have problems in our lives, but complaining about them and not being optimistic and hardworking will only fail.

If Abhishek, with so many obstacles, can make it, you can do it too. Some students leave in between the preparation and become demotivated. That’s not how life work. You need to give it back and make yourself confident about things. Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle. If there is no struggle, there is no progress.

The careerwill is always there to help and guide you, but you have to take the first step and begin your journey. Remember, believing in yourself is the first step to success.

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