SSC CHSL Salary 2024, Salary after 7th Pay Commission

Staff Selection Commission offers worthwhile compensation bundles to its representatives shortlisted for various posts like Lower Division Clerk (LDC), Data Entry Operator (DEO) and Postal partner through SSC CHSL Exam. As per the re-examined seventh compensation commission, the beginning compensation in SSC CHSL officials begins from Rs. 19,900/-.

After the seventh Pay Commission, there is a climb to 22-24 % in the SSC CHSL compensation structure. Alongside the fundamental compensation scale, SSC additionally gives transport, house lease, dearness, and other extraordinary remittance.

In this article, we have talked about the post-wise SSC CHSL Salary 2024, assuming you are anticipating SSC CHSL enlistment, go through the total article.

Table Of Content SSC CHSL Salary Structure 2022 SSC CHSL Salary 2022, Allowances & Perks SSC CHSL Salary-Job Profile SSC CHSL Salary Deductions Frequently Asked Question

SSC CHSL Salary Structure 2024

The underlying essential compensation for LDC/JSA is Rs. 19,000 and for DEO/PA/SA is Rs. 25500. Actually, take a look at the SSC CHSL pay for the posts as referenced in the table beneath.

CriteriaCity XCity YCity Z
PayscaleRs. 5200 – 20200Rs. 5200 – 20200Rs. 5200 – 20200
Grade PayRs. 1900Rs. 1900Rs. 1900
Basic payRs. 19,900Rs. 19,900Rs. 19,900
HRA (depending on the city)24%= Rs. 477616%= Rs. 31848%= Rs. 1592
DA (Current- 17%)Rs. 3383Rs. 3383Rs. 3383
Travel AllowanceRs. 3600Rs. 1800Rs. 1800
Gross Salary Range (Approx)Rs. 31659Rs. 28267Rs. 26675
Deductions (Approx)Rs. 2500Rs. 2500Rs. 2500
Approx In-Hand SalaryRs. 29,159Rs. 25,767Rs. 24,175
SSC CHSL Salary- DEO / PA / SA
CriteriaCity XCity YCity Z
PayScaleRs.5,200 -20,200Rs. 5,200 – 20,200Rs.5,200-20,200
Grade PayRs. 2400Rs. 2400Rs. 2400
Basic payRs. 25,500Rs. 25,500Rs. 25,500
HRA (depending on the city)24%= Rs. 6,12016%= Rs. 4,0808%= Rs. 2,040
DA (Current- 17%)Rs. 4,335Rs. 4,335Rs. 4,335
Travel AllowanceRs. 3600Rs. 1800Rs. 1800
Gross Salary Range (Approx)Rs. 39,555Rs. 35, 715Rs. 33,675
Deductions (Approx)Rs. 3000Rs. 3000Rs. 3000
Approx In-Hand SalaryRs. 36,555Rs. 32,715Rs. 30,675

X= cities with a population of more than 50 lakhs

Y= Population within 5 to 50 lakhs

Z= Population less than 5 lakhs

SSC CHSL Salary 2022, Allowances & Perks

The stipend and advantages proposed to different posts under SSC CHSL are colossal. The advantages and recompenses given to the public authority representatives make it the most wanted work by govt work competitors. Here is the rundown of stipends amounted to the essential compensation while functioning as SSC CHSL Employee:

1.House Rent Allowance

House lease recompense will differ as per the city one is residing in. It is grouped into 3 classes. HRA will not be not as much as Rs. 5400/ – pm, Rs. 3600/ – pm and Rs.1800/ – pm at X, Y and Z class urban communities separately. The HRA given to X, Y and Z classification of urban communities is as per the following:

  • @ 24% of Basic compensation for X classification of urban communities
  • @ 16% of Basic Pay for Y classification of urban communities
  • @ 8% of Basic Pay for Z classification of urban communities

HRA will be updated to 27%, 18% and 9% of Basic Pay in X, Y and Z urban communities when Dearness Allowance (DA) crosses 25% and further to 30%, 20% and 10% of Basic Pay in X, Y and Z urban communities when DA crosses half

2.Transport Allowance

The vehicle stipend is given to take care of the everyday voyaging needs of the worker. The Employees posted in the urban areas will get Rs.3600 as TA though the Employees posted at any remaining spots will get Rs.1800 as TA.

3.Dearness Allowance

The Dearness Allowance is a typical cost for most everyday items change stipend and is right now 31% Of fundamental Pay under the seventh Pay Commission. The DA has been expanded by the association bureau to 31% in 2021.

4.LTC (Leave Travel Concession)

The leave travel concession is the stipend that the Central Government workers get for movement to their old neighbourhood or different pieces of the country.

5.Other Allowances

Aside from the referenced advantages, there is solid work, solidity, security and a quiet climate to function as a SSC CHSL representative.

SSC CHSL Salary-Job Profile

  1. Lower Division Clerk (LDC)/Junior Secretariat Assistant (JSA): The work liabilities of LDC and JSA incorporates office errands like keeping up with information, records, and reports of the workplace in an efficient way. LDCs are first-level representatives in government associations.
  2. Information Entry Operator-DEO needs to deal with office PCs. In this way, candidates are expected to have adequate information on PCs. Up-and-comers ought to likewise have great composing speed. Composing is one of the most important obligations of a DEO post.
  3. Postal Assistant (PA)/Sorting Assistant (SA)- PA/SA obligations incorporate removal of sends and keeping up with the information, client service, taking care of client questions and furnishing them with a doable arrangement and so on.
SSC CHSL PostsSSC CHSL Pay Scales 
Lower Divisional Clerk (LDC)Rs. 19,900 – 63,200/-
Junior Secretariat Assistant (JSA)Rs. 19,900 – 63,200/-
Postal Assistant (PA)Rs. 25,500 – 81,100/-
Sorting Assistant (SA)Rs. 25,500 – 81,100/-
Data Entry Operator (DEO): Pay Level-4Rs. 25,500 – 81,100/-
Data Entry Operator (DEO): Pay Level-5Rs. 29,200 – 92,300/-
DEO (Grade A)Rs. 25,500 – 81,100/-

SSC CHSL Salary Deductions

SSC CHSL Salary Deductions- LDC/JSA
Salary DetailsCity XCity YCity Z
NPS (10% of Basic + DA)232823282328
Total Deductions260826082608
Net Salary (Approx)29,05125,65924,067
SSC CHSL Salary Deductions- DEO / PA / SA
Salary DetailsCity XCity YCity Z
NPS (10% of Basic + DA)298429842984
Total Deductions326432643264
Net Salary36,29132,45130,411

SSC CHSL Salary 2022 Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What is the beginning Salary of SSC CHSL?

Ans. Post wise beginning SSC CHSL compensation: –

  • Lower Division Clerk (LDC)/Junior Secretariat Assistant (JSA)- > ~34442
  • Postal Assistant (PA)/Sorting Assistant (SA)- > ~43290
  • Information Entry Operator (DEO)- > ~43290

Q2. Which Job is best in SSC CHSL?

Ans. Postal Assistant (PA)/Sorting Assistant (SA) and Data Entry Operator (DEO) are the best positions in SSC CHSL.

Q3. Expected SSC CHSL Salary after 10 years?

Ans. It depends on the promotion of the candidate.

Q4. What’s the Salary hike in the SSC CHSL salary structure after 7th Pay Commission?

Ans. There is a Salary hike of 22 to 24 per cent in the SSC CHSL salary structure


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