NDA Salary 2024: Per Month, In-hand Salary, Job Profile, Perks 

The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) conducts the National Defense Academy (NDA) test to choose the possibility to enlist in the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force. The advantages, remittances, and different advantages under the NDA pay are not the essential inspiring variables for contender to join the Indian Defense Services, however it is great to realize that the public authority deals with proficient turn of events and gives attractive remuneration to up-and-comers that enter protection administrations through the NDA test process.

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Salary Structure
NDA Salary – Allowances and Perks
NDA Allowance – Important Pointers
Flying Allowances
NDA – Other Allowances
Job Profile
NDA Officer Salary 2022: Insurance and Other Benefits
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NDA Salary Structure

Competitors chosen through the NDA test will be at first paid a payment of Rs. 56100/ each month (at pay framework of level 10) during the preparation time frame. After the preparation, the competitor will be dispatched as a Lieutenant with a compensation size of Rs. 56,100/ – to Rs. 1,77, 500/ – . Post that, according to the advancements, there will be compensation increases. Point by point data about UPSC NDA pay, remembering for hand pay, payment, remittances, advantages, and advancements, are given in this article.

PositionPay Scale (Per Month)
Stipend During TrainingRs.56,100/-
LieutenantRs.56,100/- to Rs.1,77, 500/-
CaptainRs.61,300/- to Rs.1,93,900/-
MajorRs.69,400/- to Rs.2,07,200/-
Lieutenant ColonelRs.1,21,200/- to Rs.2,12,400/-
ColonelRs.1,30,600/- to Rs.2,15,900/-
BrigadierRs.1,39,600/- to Rs.2,17,600/-
Major GeneralRs.1,44,200/- to Rs.2,18,200/-
Lt. General HAG ScaleRs.1,82,200/- to Rs.2,24,100/-
HAG+ ScaleRs.2,05,400/- to  Rs.2,24,400/-
VCOAS/ Army Cdr/ Lt Gen (NFSG)Rs.2,25,000/-

NDA Salary – Allowances and Perks

Aside from the compensation of NDA officials, different remittances and advantages are additionally authorize to them in light of their field and nature of work and area of posting. Featured beneath are the NDA remittances and advantages profited by up-and-comers on enlisting in Indian Navy, Army and the Airforce.

NDA Allowances to the Cadets
Allowances to NDA OfficersAmount Payable
Dearness AllowanceAdmissible at the same rates and under the same conditions as are applicable to the civilian personnel from time to time.
Kit Maintenance AllowancesINR 20,000/- Annually with Dress Allowances
Para AllowanceRs 10,500/- Per Month
Special Forces AllowanceRs 25,000/- Per Month
Para Jump Instructor AllowanceRs 10,500/- Per Month
Project AllowanceRs 3,400/- Per Month
Para Reserve AllowanceRs 2,625/- Per Month
Technical Allowance (Tier-I)Rs 3,000/- Per Month
Technical Allowance (Tier-II)Rs 4,500/- Per Month

NDA Allowance – Important Pointers

Higher TPTA Cities (UA) are Patna, Lucknow, Kolkata, Delhi, Kanpur, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Surat, Kochi, Bengaluru, Kozhikode, Indore, Nagpur, Pune, Greater Mumbai, Jaipur, Coimbatore, Ghaziabad, Chennai.

The TPTA remittance is allowable to those assistance staff of NDA who have been furnished with the office of Government transport.

Officials of NDA in Pay Level 14 or more, who are qualified to utilize an authority vehicle, have the choice to benefit from the official vehicle office or to draw the TPTA of Rs 15,750/+Dearness Allowance consequently.

The stipend is allowable for the scheduled months completely covered by leave.

The truly impaired help staff will keep on being paid at twofold rate, dependent upon at least Rs 2,250/+ Dearness Allowances.

Applicants can go through the NDA assessment related data on the accompanying connections:

Flying Allowances

The Pilots or Army Aviators serving in the Army Aviation Corps are qualified for a flying recompense (R1H1 of Risk and Hardship Matrix) at a pace of Rs 25,000/every month.

NDA – Other Allowances

Aside from the NDA Salary, Dearness Allowances, Travel Allowances, Flying recompenses and so on the officials dealing with the Indian Security powers are qualified for a couple of different stipends too. They are –

NDA Salary – Special AllowancesAmounts
Children Education Allowance – CEARs. 2250 Per Month Per Child for two eldest surviving. This allowance is admissible from Nursery to class 12th. 
Hostel SubsidyRs. 6,750/- per month per child for two eldest surviving only (admissible from Nursery to class 12th).
Ration in Kind In Field Area and Peace Area to all Defense officers every month

Job Profile

Minimum Service Required for PromotionsPositions
On CommissionArmy – LieutenantNavy – Sub LieutenantAir Force – Flying Officer
02 yearsArmy – CaptainNavy – LieutenantAir Force – Flight Lieutenant
06 YearsArmy – MajorNavy – Lt. CommanderAir Force – Squadron Leader
13 yearsArmy – Lt. ColonelNavy – CommanderAir Force – Wing Commander
On SelectionArmy – Colonel (Selection)Navy – Captain (Selection)Air Force – Group Captain (Selection)
26 YearsArmy – Colonel (Time Scale)Navy – Captain (Time Scale)Air Force – Group Captain (Time Scale)
On SelectionArmy – BrigadierNavy – CommodoreAir Force – Air Commodore
On SelectionArmy – Major GeneralNavy – Rear AdmiralAir Force – Air Vice-Marshal
On SelectionArmy – Lieutenant GeneralNavy – Vice AdmiralAir Force – Air Marshal
On SelectionArmy – GeneralNavy – AdmiralAir Force – Air Chief Marshal

NDA Officer Salary 2022: Insurance and Other Benefits

Allow us to check out at NDA compensation protection and different advantages

  • The Army Group Insurance Fund gives protection front of Rs. 15 lakhs on installment of a one-time non-refundable premium of Rs. 7,200/ – by trainees for a long time (from the date of joining for pre-commission preparing)
  • If there should arise an occurrence of transfer, an extra premium of Rs. 1,355/ – per consigned term will be paid.
  • Applicants who are discredited by IMB by virtue of inability will be given Rs.15 lakhs to 100 percent handicap. Though, for 20% handicap Rs. 3 lakhs will be paid. Besides, for under 20% inability just an Ex-Gratia award of Rs. 50,000/ – for the initial two years of preparation and Rs. 1 lakh during the third year of preparing will be paid.
  • The Gentlemen Cadets at IMA when in receipt of allowance are safeguarded for Rs. 75 lakh with a month to month commitment of Rs 5,000 as material to officials of ordinary Army.
  • The applicants discredited by IMB record of inability and not qualified for any annuity will be given Rs 25 lakhs to 100 percent handicap and Rs. 5 lakhs for 20% inability. For under 20% inability an Ex-Gratia award of Rs. 50,000/ – will be paid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1. What is the NDA pay paid to the Cadets during the preparation time frame?

Ans. The NDA pay proposed to up-and-comers during the instructional meeting at the Defense preparing foundations is Rs 56,100/every month.

Q.2. What is Military Service Pay given to officials in NDA?

Ans. The Military Service Pay known as MSP allowable to the officials from the position of Lieutenant to Brigadier is Rs 15,500/every month.

Q.3. What are the stipends acceptable to the officials in the guard foundation separated from NDA Salary?

Ans. Aside from the decent NDA Salary the officials are qualified for different stipends, for example, field region remittance, high height recompense, Flying remittance, Traveling remittance, dearness stipend, and so on.

Q.4. What are the advantages after retirement in the National Defense Academy/Naval Academy?

Ans. NDA retirement benefits incorporate annuity, tip and setback pensionary grants which will be given as per the principles in force now and again.

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