Expanding Impact Footprint- Careerwill signed an MOU with Bright Scholar School to provide NDA and CUET Courses

On 25th May, Bright Scholar School signed an MOU with Careerwill for the bright future of BSS Children. Under this, Students of Bright Scholar School have been given free courses of NDA, CUET, and class 9th-12th academics to prepare for their subjects online. 

Careerwill aim to democratize EdTech solutions and provide quality education at affordable prices so that every student gets an equal opportunity, irrespective of the income group or geography that she/he comes from.

By taking this step, we are sure to create a better career development process for students at school to stand out among their peers.

Under this MoU, 500 aspirants will receive the benefits of this program, which is a one-year complete preparation of NDA and CUET.

In implementing the program, Mrs. Kiran Dalal, principal, of Bright Scholar School was a key player in visualizing the benefits for students.

“As India’s first impact-driven learning platform, Careerwill aims to democratize access to quality education regardless of geographic location. We will not only empower the youth of Haryana through this partnership but also provide them with a platform to excel in competitive examinations,” added Pawan Kumar, co-founder, of Careerwill.

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